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Could Shakespeare Have Calculated the Odds in Hamlet’s Wager?

During Act V, Scene 2 of Hamlet, Hamlet’s uncle Cladius wagers that Hamlet will win in a duel with Laertes.  In order to make sure that Hamlet participates, Cladius “places … Continue reading

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The Difficulties of Folding a Map

A rectangular map is a rectangular piece of paper folded along  horizontal and  vertical, evenly-spaced lines forming an  matrix of new identical rectangles. Creating a Map of Arbitrary Dimensions An interesting … Continue reading

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Two Problems Concerning Dice

The following are two of my favorite recreational math problems. The first time that I encountered this problem was in Béla Bollobás’s book, The Art of Mathematics: Coffee Time in Memphis, which is … Continue reading

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Quarter Partitioning

The following problem was first posed to me by a fellow grad student, Elyse Yeager, at the University of Illinois. You are sitting in front of a table, both blindfolded … Continue reading

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